Monday, 18 August 2014

People of love?

It seems to me that for the last 10 years or more most of the christian bloggers I have read, including myself, in an attempt to be `clear` have also been bigotted and judgemental.   Depite many `truths` which are actually doctinal statements, changing over time to soften or strenghten position, the ferocity with which debate among us has spilled into the public domain and moved from an intellectual discussion to public vilification would cause Christ to turn in his grave was he not already risen.   Social media does nothing to help this, whipping up mild disagreements and separating people who may well agree on far more than public argument might suggest.

Where is the gospel of peace? Where is the unity of all believers?  Ah you say, but they don`t believe the same as me, I can't be united with that. What should unite us is the blood of Christ spilt for each of us. Is it ironic to me that many of those who are vilified are practicing more peace, grace and love towards others than those bringing the sword of excommunication as if their `theology` was perfect or their belief without any doubt.

Until those who believe understand that their belief should be practiced in love not metered out with the power of conviction, I cannot see a time when the broken and the vulnerable will be safe among any of us.   Isn`t it time we changed, and rediscovered what it means to Love God, Love others and serve everyone...        
...regardless of  whether we agree with their beliefs?