Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Theology of Life: the beginning

I struggle a lot.
Every day I struggle.
I see glimpses of getting free from sin and old thinking, and then I regress just as quickly into old ways.
But God is gracious.
He knows that when I'm at my lowest ebb, when temptation strikes and I buckle and waiver, he provides a way out.
Relying on him is NOT a cop out, but it is a solution. He says that I can stand firm in the face of opposition and that He will not allow a situation to be so harsh that I can't stand it (even if it actually, in reality kills me) - Live is Christ die is gain. Am I radicalised then.. ?
I guess I am.. - but I struggle none the less. I struggle to choose wisely. I struggle to be pure, I struggle to press in when I need to.


So this blog is part of my story, my account of the provision of my God and the way he moves me towards being more like Him