Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Getting the tension right

One of the things I find most difficult to get right is how to manage the work, home, life tension.  I’m fortunate in that I can work at home for the majority of time, but this often means that I blend home and work time and often home loses out.  Work is where we spend a lot of our energies and the bulk of our workdays,. making sure that work doesn’t encroach, but making sure I do a good job is tricky.  Add to that the need to spend time with friends and interact with people in our community and we can be stretched more ways than we can accommodate.

The principles that seem to be important here are :

  • Try to listen as much to the Spirit as to people’s requests for time
  • Don’t make promises I can’t keep
  • Prioritise family over friends but be aware of strangers needs
  • Ensure that rest isn’t sacrificed to activity
  • Enjoy everything I do because our time is short