Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Not writing… but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking

I reached a point at which writing things down no longer made a difference to the ability to think through a problem. Blogging too seems to have lost it’s way as a communication tool, and I’m not even sure who I’m communicating to or why?

But though I haven’t been writing, I have been thinking a great deal about what it means to be saved, how and why we’re saved, what the point of earthly salvation is, what are the effects of salvation, what the role of church is, what the church is, what worship is, how worship matters, when worship matters, when singing is just singing, the exclusivity of the club that is church membership, the exclusion of sinners, the welcoming of sinners, changing culture, affecting culture, culture as a God, culture change as a metric of effectiveness in our community, engaging with culture, single sex marriage, compassion and healing, polyamory, alternative relationships, family structures, what God thinks about ‘now’ as we wait for ‘then’, bible weeks and other gatherings, what friends are, what friends do, what friends say, what friends judge, how friends pray, how few friends church people have – yet Christ was a friend to sinners..  what remains of Newfrontiers, when women will be Elders in the ChristCentral Sphere, the point of apostles, church administration and the local church, what love is, what love isn’t, how God loves, how we love God, how we love others, how sex affects love, how love affects sex, what matters in love, whether sport is a good thing a bad thing or just a thing, why so few people pray, why prayer meetings suck, why people feel lonely, what loneliness is, why church growth is slow, what size a local church should be, what the best way is to serve families, singles, couples, elderly, children and servers in the local church, what manhood is, what womanhood is, what personhood is, what identity is, what identity isn’t, what christlikeness is, what christlikeness does, how christlikeness loves, what hope looks like, what despair looks like, what role emotions have in salvation, whether love is a decision, an emotion,an action, a cost or a combination. Why marriage matters, why marriage doesn’t matter, whether if Christ had had sex would he have sinned, why the church is splintered, why different groups are still ‘factions’, why character doesn’t produce hope, and hope disappoints, why the heart sees what the head doesn’t, whether political leaders are still god ordained, is Christianity a method of social control, how the songs we sing affects what we think, when meditation becomes brainwashing, when meditation changes actions, when meditation creates calm, why Jesus reached out to a Samaritan, what’s happening to celebrity church leaders (the ones with webpages and international ministries), since no-one is perfect – what is the role of holiness?  what it means to walk a well worn path, why we don’t encourage people to walk unworn paths, why the ‘narrow’ way seems to become the ‘broad’ way, and yet probably isn’t. disregarding age when does a person become ‘mature’.

I’m sure there are other things, but I thought it was an interesting list none the less.  Feel free to ask me about it if you want.

I’m not sure, if and when I might blog again..